Cecilo Falls II

Cecilo Falls II

This point is a well flaked, small to medium sized dart knife previously identified as Pryor or Pryor-like. Location (N.W.) and basal thinning technique separate the two types. This point is basally thinned by steeply flaking one side of the basal and then using that platform to drive one or more longer flakes from the opossing side. This technique occurs on some Midland and some Spedis points. This type has a bifurcated or "eared" base and stem that is usually incurvate and well ground. Cross sections are lenticular. Blade shoulders can be obtuse to barbed. These points are not well-known in North America but are probably related to the somewhat earlier Spedis Fishtail point. Pryor or Pryor-like are found in the Snake River drainage in W. Idaho & S.E. Oregon

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